C A Agri-Plastics Recycling

C A Lime Ltd t/as C A Agri Plastic Recycling.

This is an additional service we would like to offer all of our farming clients.

We can offer you a timely collection service designed for your needs.   All plastics will be collected and then taken back to our yard to be processed, crushed and baled.

                      C A Agri-Plastics now part of
     ‘The Green Tractor Scheme’

We have become part of a national scheme across the UK to show the responsibilty we have with our recycling across the whole supply chain.
Green Tractor was founded in 2020, to provide a standard to the agricultural industry  with the pledge to have the ability to recycle  all agricultural plastics by 2030                                        The aim to promote sustainablitiy, recycling and awareness  within the farming community prompted the establishment of ‘The Green Tractor Scheme’

                                 With the target of 2030 in place, ‘The Green Tractor Scheme’ is actively  setting the standard and recruiting every agricultural business to be responsible and accountable for their own part to play in changing the environment and industry for the better.



How it all works:

Call or email us and arrange collection/delivery.  Your will then be provided with a Waste Transfer Note, making it easy to comply with your Duty of Care and Crop Assurance schemes.

What do we collect:
  • Fertiliser and Seed Bags
  • Spray cans
  • Cardboard
  • Silage wrap

We can make one collection a year or mulitple, depending on your needs.

Our pricing is based on the hectares that you crop, ensuring that you have a known cost for the year.  We have yearly contract schemes and a pay as you go scheme, please call Chris for a price.

Here is how the process works and what happens to your Agri-Plastics


Get in touch for a quotation.       Call Chris 07919 335891 or Chantal 07884 351112 or drop us an email at chantal@calime.co.uk