pH Testing

Acidity levels in a single field can vary between pH4 and pH8. Getting the level correct for the crop you plan to grow can mean the difference between crop failure and optimum yield. We specialise in measuring those acidity levels.

Our recommendations are based on 12-years of experience, backed up by the Agricultural Lime Association’s scale. We will use that expert knowledge to determine how much lime you need to apply to different areas of each field to bring your land to a uniform optimum pH status for your chosen crop.

C A Lime Ltd, C A Agricultural Services’s pH testing service will provide you with an instant understanding of your land’s lime needs.

Using one of our all-terrain vehicles, we’ll cover the area of land you ask us to test, taking regular samples – typically around five stops per hectare – to collect soil samples. We’ll record those points and immediately analyse the samples with an on-board testing kit.

Before we leave, we will have prepared a detailed map of your test site, helping you make management decisions about the lime application rate your land requires per individual hectare.

Please see our Spreading Services page for information about Lime application.