GPS & Soil Sampling Services

C A Agricultural Services can help you determine your field nutrient levels and soil enrichment needs. As well as measuring those all-important phosphate (P), potash (K) and magnesium (Mg) levels, we have the expertise and equipment to test, according to your requirements, for the presence of around 30 other micro-nutrients.

We can do this at the same time as we measure your pH levels. However in this case, working in association with SOYL we collect 16 cores/hectare. These are then sent to a laboratory for analysis. SOYL will then produce detailed nutrient maps from these results, combined with the GPS data that we gather.

You need good nutrient levels in your land to ensure optimum crop or stock health and yield and to ensure a beneficial interactive relationship with any other chemicals or sprays you may wish to use.

If you have enjoyed a particularly high crop yield you may like us to check the residual nutrient level after harvesting. In any case, we would recommend a comprehensive soil test every four years. Many of our customers have taken out a four-year support plan with us, which means we test a quarter of their land in rotation for pH and nutrient levels each year.

Enviromental Schemes

Due to the introduction of new environmental schemes, we can now sample consistently down to a depth of 30cm for organic matter and carbon using our automatic sampler.