Spreading Services

At C A Agricultural Services our lime/fertiliser supply and spreading is undertaken by our partner company C A Lime Ltd. We are proud to say we have added to our fleet another state-of-the-art GPS-guided fertiliser/lime spreader. It’s equipment includes weigh cells, this means we can now offer our customers a one-stop-shop service to get your land in premium condition.

Having measured your pH and nutrient levels and prepared GPS mapping – we can use those maps to apply just the right amounts of lime and fertiliser to get the essential balance your soil needs for optimum crop, grass and stock production.

We offer a variable spreading rate and a working width of 12m-15m for lime application and a 12m-36m spread for all other applications.

Our lightweight multi-drive spreader has very low ground pressure and a 4-wheel drive steer system making it the best option for your crops and land.

We can now offer row crop spreading for late applications or bed work.

We are happy to spread other products for you, such as gypsum or basic slag. Just ask!

See our spreaders in action

JCB’s in action!